Rob Cremar


My name is Rob,  I got my start of wanting to play drums at a young age,  because I wanted to be like my uncle Carlos. I started playing at age of 9. I played in country bands at the beginning,  but I always loved Rock. I have played in many cover bands,  Off Axis, Lemmon Squeezers, Lakeside Park , Chaos.  And in 2017, I joined R.M.O. and found my new family.  What drew me to R.M.O. the song writing of Rich Crosser.  My major influences are John Bonham,  Tommy Aldridge,  Randy Castillo,  and my favorite Shannon Larkin. 
Since joining R.M.O. I have met a lot of great people,  and opened up for some major acts.  QUEENSRYCHE,  NIGHT RANGER,  SAVING ABLE,  just to name a few.  I play PEARL and DW drums. ZILDJIAN CYMBALS, VATER drumsticks and earthworks mics. I  would like to thank all the fans and everyone else who come out to support our music.